Sectional Garage Doors

Fix My Garage Doors sectional doors provide a space-saving solution for garage entrances with their vertical opening. Engineered for durability and security, these garage doors not only offer convenience but also ensure full utilization of space in front of and behind the garage opening. Our sectional garage doors are suitable for most domestic garages, providing additional passage width compared to standard up-and-over doors. All Fix My Garage Doors sectional garage doors can be upgraded with electric automation.

As a family business, we are highly aware of our responsibility to future generations and offer all products for residential construction in a CO2-neutral manner as a standard practice. Fix My Garage Doors, through its sustainability strategy, aims to reduce emissions or eliminate them.

Up-and-Over Garage Doors

The result of many years of experience in designing and constructing domestic garage doors, Fix My Garage Doors is up-and-over garage doors that combine tried-and-tested technology with a durable design, making them the preferred choice for consumers seeking an affordable garage door. Catering to diverse preferences, we offer up-and-over garage doors in various materials, designs, colors, and surface finishes.

Roller Garage Doors

Fix My Garage Doors roller garage doors are versatile, suitable for virtually any garage opening, making them ideal for domestic garages where other door types may not be practical. Our electric RollMatic roller garage doors occupy minimal space, allowing full utilization of the garage ceiling and the areas in front of and behind the door. Manufactured to the highest standards from corrosion-proof aluminum for maximum durability, our RollMatic roller garage doors come in a range of colors and finishes. Electric automation is standard, with a manual option also available.

Side Sliding Sectional Doors

Designed for unusual openings and challenging architectural features, side sliding garage doors are the perfect solution for situations where other garage doors may not be suitable. Despite the side-sliding design, this garage door type retains full passage height and offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to its PU-foamed panel design. Unlike other garage door types, side sliding sectional garage doors can be programmed to open partially, allowing pedestrian access without fully opening the door.

Garage Side Doors

A perfect complement to your Fix My Garage Doors garage door, our side doors provide convenient pedestrian access to the garage without the need to open the main garage door. Available in a wide range of colors and styles to match your primary garage door, our side doors offer both a stylish and practical choice.